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Learning Quran Online

Why Learn Quran Online?

Technology has enabled Holy Quran students to study how to recite the Quran and related Tajweed, Arabic, and Quran Pak courses online. Reading the Quran Online is just as effective as learning it face to face. The class environment consists of a voice call and screen sharing, which leads to an immersive, one-on-one Online Quran session. Children and adults, men and women, anyone can begin learning the Quran and how to recite it.

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Why Us For Online Quran Classes?

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Highly Qualified Staff

Our Quran tutors are well-versed in Tajweed, Qiraat, Islamic studies, and fluent in English.

Online Quran Classes

Flexible Timings

Select suitable times and days to Learn Quran Online and start taking your online Quran classes in a few clicks.

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Reasonable Fee

Our Feeses are reasonable and affordable to most people which makes it easy to learn Quran online.

Why Choose Us

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Kids are considerably better at memorising new knowledge than adults, which is why we suggest enrolling them in online Quran courses as early as possible, preferably around the age of five. The Ilmul Quran website is the finest place to start learning the Quran. The optimum moment to learn something is when a child is young, and lessons remain in a youngster’s mind for as long as a carving on a stone.

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Benefits of Learning Quran with us!

Professional Teachers

Our Online Quran teachers are highly professional & trained teachers with a great experience.

Class Monitoring

All of our classes are monitored and recorded for quality assurance and safety for your kid.

Female Tachers

We also have female Quran tutors for females if they request to read from a female Quran teacher.

Quality Teaching

We provide quality holy Quran teachings to our kids which is only possible from a reputable institute.

For Every Age

Kids as young as 4 or any person up to 60  years can easily learn to read Quran online.

24/7 Service

We are providing our services 7 Days a week and 24 Hours a Day to ensure the best online Quran teaching services.

We Love What We Do!

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